Gaza Massacre Scam Exposed – 78% of Casualties are Male

By IAfrica
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Jul 23rd, 2014


And this is data that Israellycool found using Al Jazeera’s data which is run by Qatar, a state sponsor of Hamas. The data finds that the vast majority of dead are male. These results are statically impossible if Israel were bombing a civilian population randomly or with the intent of inflicting civilian casualties.

Women are half the population. For them to be so underrepresented in casualty lists clearly indicates that the targets were not civilian and that Israel took great care to avoid civilians.

77.7 percent of the dead are male. Only 22.3 percent are female.

44 percent of the dead are men 18-28. Another 20 percent are men 29 to 48. Of the dead, 12 percent of the casualties are clearly children. Another 7.6 percent are in a broad 11-17 group which includes both children and possible combatants. This classification is dishonest since a 17-year-old participating in terrorism is not a child and would be tried as an adult.

These numbers seem high, but Gaza demographics place 45% of the population in the 0-14 age group due to the high birth rate. That means there are a lot of children which dramatically increases the probability of children being killed during the fighting.

While they make up nearly half the population, they make up a disproportionately smaller percentage of the dead, demonstrating once again that Israel is going out of its way to limit civilian casualties and that its targets are military.


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