Gazans Celebrate Hamas “Victory” by Firing into Air, Killing Each Other

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Aug 28th, 2014
There's no way this can go wrong

There’s no way this can go wrong

Those death blossoms bloom in the Gaza summer. If they celebrate any more victories, they’ll really strain the morgues.

 As the cease-fire began in Gaza, Tuesday evening—it was supposed to start at 7 PM but rockets and mortar shells continued to fall in Israeli territory as late as 7:15 PM—the V Day celebrations erupted in Gaza, after 50 days of clashes.

And then people started to drop in the streets.

According to tweets from Gaza, as many as 2 locals were killed from those gunshots, and at least 25 were injured.

An 8 PM tweet in Arabic read: “Gaza: wounded in shooting in the air, internal calls for citizens to express their happiness by other means.”

It’s either killing Jews or killing each other. Since there are no Jews in Gaza, the options are limited.

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