GBM Asks Kasama Residents to Pray for Unwell Sata

GBMFormer Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has urged his constituents in Kasama to pray for the sickness of President Michael Sata.

Mwamba, popularly known as GBM, is also Kasama lawmaker said that the illness of a leader was an illness for the whole community.

Mwamba also said the building succession wrangles were not good for the ruling party as there could only be one leader at a time.

“Kuti namilomba ukutila boonse twabapepela ko ba Sata pantu ukulwala kwaba Sata kulwala kwesu bonse kwachalo. Ubulwele bwamfumu litensha ichalo (I am asking all of you to pray for President Sata because his being ill is an illness for all of us, the nation. After all the illness of the nation shakes the entire nation,” he said.

He called for calm on the raging succession wrangles.

“Teti boonse tube intungulushi, intugulushi paba imo iletungulula abanankwe (We can’t all be leaders, there can only be one leader leading at a time),” he said.

“Namungandu emo twikala bushe mwaba imitwe ibili naifwe bene mumayanda twikala naifwe muchilonganino chesu nga twati bonse tube imitwe ya party tatwaikale iyo (Even in the homes where we are there can never be two heads, even in our party we can never have two heads otherwise we won’t last.”

Mwamba is in the constituency where he has also announced that he will donate his gratuity to all the wards that will share it equally.

He has said headmen as opposed to councillors will take the lead in distributing the CDF.