Genuine Consultations Will End Boko Haram Attacks

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Adesola Samuel Adedayo, Chairman, Apapa/Iganmu Local Council Development Area, Lagos, southwest Nigeria, in a chat with P.M.NEWS bares his mind about the Abuja-Nyanya bomb blast, APC congress, security situation at the LCDA and other issues

Your party, All Progressives Congress, APC, recently conducted its congress which was allegedly marred by irregularities and protests, what  are the party leaders doing about it?

The APC congress especially in Lagos was not marred by irregularities but held a transparent one which other parties in Nigeria should copy. If a new party formed from the merger of the defunct ACN, ANPP, CPC and a faction of APGA came together to become one and within the shortest time organized such a transparent and generally peaceful congress, I feel very excited, and its a sign of good things to come. Though I know there may be areas where the party members experience hitches, I am telling  you that all these happened to strengthen our democracy. But generally the congress was very peaceful, very transparent, and we have demonstrated on a very big scale that we are capable of organising congress and we are a party of integrity. As I told someone, when a competition is stiff people are bound to complain. I want to give an illustration, when there is a vacant stool to be filled for an Oba, every royal member family is entitled to it but after someone has been chosen the other members are still members of the royal family. So those that won and those that lost are still members of our party. We are still a very strong and united family. I believe that it was something I am very proud of.

•Adedayo Samuel

•Adedayo Samuel

With the outcome of the congress, how do you see APC performing in the 2015 general elections?

Our party had a tough congress because most Nigerians know APC is the  party that will win the 2015 general elections by the special grace of God. So everybody wants to be part of the action. By the special grace of God, APC is going to form national government. And I just think that PDP should pack their load and go, we’ve had enough of them, and we have found out that PDP are incapable of taking Nigeria to the promised land. APC should have been formed before now and this might have saved the country a lot of problems we are facing  now.

How do you feel about the bomb explosion at Nyanya motor park in Abuja where many people died?

I feel very bad. Those behind the act are not normal human beings. When I saw the pictures, they were very gory, depressing, and I don’t know how to justify the killings. I feel very sad, I pray God almighty to comfort those who lost their loved ones. These people were not ill, they just met their untimely death. If the perpetrators of the act can do such a thing at the nation’s Federal capital, that is to tell you that we are not safe in this country. It appears the sect is becoming bolder everyday. It clearly shows that the Federal Government is not winning the war against terrorism. Unfortunately, the Federal Government that has the responsibility for providing  security is running away from the reality. I will advise the PDP-led Federal Government to heed  the call of opposition party, APC, to organise a national summit on security.

What is your advice to President Goodluck on how to put an end to this insurgence?

The president needs a consultative forum of sincere Nigerians. A summit of all stakeholders, people must come up with new ideas. If you are doing something and you are not getting it right, then you need to change your tactics. Am very sure that the government needs to change its tactics, President Jonathan should consult and seek help from wherever it is necessary, whether within or outside the country. The government definitely needs help concerning the issue of insurgency in this country.

How have you tackled the issue of youth restiveness in your local government?

Right now, the situation is under control because we consult and the communities have been cooperating with us to find a lasting solution to the menace of youth restiveness, and I believe that by the special grace of God, youth restiveness will soon become a thing of the past.

Christians all over the world are fasting. What is your advice to Nigerians?

Lenten season is a period that we deprive ourselves of so many things and be with God spiritually. I advice Nigerians to continue in their fasting and prayers, because we certainly require mercy. It is only when we get this from God that peace will reign in our land.


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