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By IAfrica
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Sep 1st, 2014

Your life is a book waiting to be written. Your life is a movie waiting to be made. Your life is a poem, an adventure, a work of art, a business to call your own. Your life is a dream waiting to come true. 

What if you could hold in your hand a device that could liberate the story of your life, that could empower your ambitions and set your imagination free? All it takes is the simple, intuitive power of touch. All it takes is an iPad, from Apple. Continue…

In just over four years, the iPad has woven its way into the lives of millions of people, to become an indispensable tool for educators, entrepreneurs, artists, explorers, scientists, inventors, musicians, engineers, healthcare workers, journalists, airline pilots and everyone with the need to consume or create digital content (more). 

For parents and children, the iPad has opened up new pathways of knowledge and learning. Even infants are captivated by the magic it brings into our everyday lives. What can the iPad do for you? Find out by registering to attend the free iPad Beginners Training Session at the iStore Ikeja Mall at one of the many sessions during the month of September. Book online for added convenience at

In this one-hour session, you’ll learn how to set up your iPad, and get up to speed on email, Internet, photos, music, and more. Your iPad is a powerful tool for entertainment, productivity, creativity, communication, and information. But its real power lies in its user-friendly design and ease of use.

You’ll be amazed at what the iPad can do for you, and what you can do with the iPad. If you’re thinking of joining the iPad family, remember that iStore Ikeja Mall is an Authorised Apple Reseller (AAR), which means you have the peace of mind of knowing you’re getting the best service, advice, and technical support. So pop into the iStore, or visit book for the training session or find out more. Your life will change when you touch the iPad. Because when you touch the iPad, you touch the future.

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