Global Somali Diaspora Conference Calls for unity as it concludes in Istanbul,Turkey

By IAfrica
In Somali
Jun 22nd, 2014

Two days global Somali Diaspora conference in Istanbul, Turkey has concluded today calling for unity among the community to establish peace.

According to Dr. Maryam Kassim former Somali social services minster and one of the key organizers of the conference the outcome of the two days event is expected to draw a road map to establish peace and stability in Somalia.

The representatives of various Somali Diaspora communities have also expressed their satisfaction of the conference and need for unity while promising to work with the federal government of Somalia for the return of peace and stability in the country.

Turkish deputy Prime Minister Emrullah İşler and foreign affairs minister Ahmed Devotoglu were some of the key government officials who addressed the conference.

Somali delegation delivered a letter of thanks to Turkish Prime Minister Reccep Tayyip Erdoğan shortly after the closing ceremony of the two days event.



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