In a new twist to president Mugabe’s succession matter, former Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono has been named as set to take over the presidency anytime from today.

A report circulating in intelligence circles states that president Mugabe is considering handing over to Gono for a period not exceeding (3) three months while the ZANUPF party elects or selects a substantive candidate for the remainder of Mugabe’s term. This information according to a named presidential advisor, is meant to give ample time to aspiring presidential candidates to campaign.

For Presidency...Gideon Gono

For Presidency…Gideon Gono

But it is also meant to ensure Mugabe gets an honourable soft landing as he retires. This is because Gideon Gono is a relative of President Mugabe through his wife who is his cousin relation. It is thus believed that such a move will ensure that the first family’s welfare is upheld.

Meanwhile there was still a heated debate on the criteria for the election of president Mugabe’s successor amid suggestions to use either the ZANU-PF party central committee, province, or district methodology.

Efforts to obtain a public comment from the President’s spokesperson George Charamba were fruitless at the time of writing.