McDonald_Chipenzi-The Grand Coalition on the Constitution has expelled the Young African Leadership Initiative from their alliance.

Coalition spokesperson MacDonald Chipenzi said the organization had dismissed YALI as their goals and those of YALI had become diametrically opposed.

YALI has come under fire after having taken a fresh position that a new constitution could only be ready in 2017, a departure from the coalition’s demand for a new constitution before 2016.

Chipenzi said there was no way the coalition could be in bed together with YALI when they were championing different causes.

“We sat and deliberated on the position of YALI and decided that we separate given the position they have taken and the manner they handled their plan. It has become impossible to stay together given that our positions cannot be reconciled,” he said.

“We wish YALI the best in its pursuit of its 10 point master plan proposal on the constitution making process.”

YALI secretly passed on to government a 10 point master plan that was hurriedly embraced by the PF and its lieutenants with the PF aligned Post Newspapers leaked a copy to publicize.

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