Grand Coalition Shun ‘Fake’ Constitution Indaba

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Apr 29th, 2014

McDonald_Chipenzi-The grand coalition on the constitution says it will not be part of the constitution making indaba on Wednesday as it will be an academic exercise.

Coalition spokesperson MacDonald Chipenzi said the conflicting statements from government have added to the confusion in the process.

He said it would be inconceivable to convene a meeting on the constitution without the contents of the draft constitution made available.

“We cannot be part of it in the face of conflicting statement from the executive and also in the face of the unwillingness of the executive to genuinely engage key stakeholders,” he said.

“And further the executive’s failure to release the final draft constitution to the people makes the summit ill conceived and misplaced.”

Chipenzi added: “Anything else happening before the release of the draft constitution is but an academic exercise.”

The Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes has called for a consultative indaba on the constitution making process but has hit a brick wall with 16 political parties saying they will not attend as their request for President Michael Sata to be present has not been acceded to.

President Sata’s government has thrown the country into never ending constitution making process discourse following their falling back on their pledge for delivering a people driven constitution within 90 days of being in power.

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