Guy Scott to Issue Constitution Statement on Wednesday

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Jul 21st, 2014

guy-scottThe grand coalition on the constitution say they do not expect anything landmark on Wednesday when Vice President Guy Scott issues a statement on the constitution in parliament.

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini last week ordered Scott to issue a statement on the current status of the constitution making process following the haziness from government on the highly controversial subject.

Since the Technical Committee dumped the final draft constitution at the Ministry of Justice early this year the process has stalled.

Grand Coalition spokesperson MacDonald Chipenzi said the only way something dramatic could come out of Guy Scott was through a slip of the tongue.

The Grand Coalition has rolled out some strategies among them the green ribbon campaign, hooting and other outreach programmes in their quest to compel government to release the final draft constitution.

“I don’t think anything new is going to come unless a miracle happens in the process of talking where the Vice President will say something as a slip of a tongue,” Chipenzi said.

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