Hamas No. 2: We Want Israel to Reoccupy Gaza

By IAfrica
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Jul 21st, 2014


Stop the Occupation! Wait no, bring back the Occupation. So we can fight the Occupation!

But finally Hamas has a sensible proposal. Israel retakes Gaza. Evicts Hamas. And then Hamas can just gobble up Iranian and Qatari money and plot terror attacks without having to worry about the pesky details of job creating and sewer maintenance.

Abu Marzouk told the Rai al-Youm newspaper that Israeli reoccupation of the Gaza Strip would mean that Israel would have to provide the Palestinians with electricity, water and jobs.

“We prefer the reoccupation of the Gaza Strip by Israel to returning to the state of blockade that prevailed before the current aggression,” Abu Marzouk, who is based in Cairo, said.

“Occupation means providing electricity, water and jobs. Providing these daily matters is the responsibility of the occupying state.”

Abu Marzouk said that he relayed this message to a Norwegian envoy, who met with him in Cairo a few days ago to discuss the situation in the Gaza Strip.

Abu Marzouk is living quite well in Cairo. So this doesn’t affect him anyway.

But Israel already provides electricity and water to Gaza. Since Hamas took over, the blockade has been in force because you can’t exactly let people from a terrorist state pass into your territory.

That’s National Security 101.

So why is Abu Marzouk tossing this out? Hamas may be worried that Obama and Israel will help Abbas take over Gaza. And he would rather that Israel take it over than Fatah, because he knows Israel will treat Hamas terrorists more nicely than Fatah will. Fatah’s terrorists haven’t forgotten their treatment in Gaza after the coup.

And unlike Israel, Fatah doesn’t follow international laws.

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