Hell’s Angels

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In Botswana
Apr 11th, 2014
CAVE DWELLERS: Police with the accused

CAVE DWELLERS: Police with the accused


The cave underneath the Maun General Clinic in Borolong ward, Maun has been turned into a prayer site for Satanists.

On Tuesday afternoon police removed 12 apparently blood-thirsty children from the depths of the 50-metre-long cave.

The children, whose ages range from 17 to 20, confirmed they were part of a Satanist group that flock to the cave for daily prayers. Seemingly indifferent to the police presence, the group of six boys and six girls said that the cave was the only safe place to hold their prayers without being disturbed.

They described rituals including the drinking of human blood and worshiping all things evil. “We are capable of causing accidents and death and the more you talk about us the more we get annoyed.” They said.

When The Voice asked the elderly member, who refused to be named, what kind of prayers they hold in the cave, he said that they were worshiping their leader called The Beast.

The senior man who was dressed in a long black garment with “6 6 6” emblazoned on the back and sides was reluctant to share anything else and asked the reporter to wait for their leader Zakes from Botshabelo Ward as he was the one with more information.

“You can wait here for Zakes he will answer your questions, we only pray and initiate more people to join us. We can initiate you without you being present but I cannot give you more information because Zakes is the right person,” he said before going back into the cave to fetch a bag that he claimed held his laptop. After waiting for some time without any sign of Zakes, the police took the group to the station.

When asked how they manage to go into the dark cave without light, “6 6 6” said that as Satanists they can see in the dark. “You can join us if you want to see in the dark, we don’t need any light,” he added.

Maun Police Acting Station Commander Assistant Superitendent Oarabile Zhabi Hulela confirmed taking out 12 children from the cave.

Hulela mentioned that the group did not explain  what exactly they meant by worshipping ‘The Beast’ and what it involved.

Hulela said that after questioning they were forced to release the youngsters because there was no charge they could face.

“Even if it’s Satanism there is no Act that we can use to charge them with.”

Hulela described the group as cooperative kids whom they found no reason to keep behind bars.

The group consisted of children from Thito, Sedie and Botshabelo wards only one of whom is a student (at GIPS College) while the rest quit school. They were released the same day.

Hulela said that it was not the first time they had taken children out of the cave. “Last year we took out three children who looked confused and we called their parents.”

Last year Regional Educational Director Acro Maseko told this publication that they were disturbed by acts of Satanism in Maun schools.

He said that a number of students confirmed to be devil worshipers and at times yelled for human blood during lessons.

“We found one killing and piling ants and spiders onto his desk saying he was a scientist,” said Maseko at the time.



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