Hillary Spokesman: Anti-Hillary Books Should Not Be Allowed

Image: Clinton Signs Copies of Hard Choices in Virginia

Who does Hillary think she is anyway? Mohammed?

Soon there will be three anti-Clinton books on the market, which is apparently enough to have gotten under the skin of Team Hillary.
The First Family Detail by Ronald Kessler, set for release next month, will join Clinton, Inc. by the Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper and Blood Feud by Ed Klein on bookshelves. Yesterday we reported that Clinton, Inc. has shot up the charts and now both Halper and Klein’s books are outselling Hillary Clinton’s recent memoir Hard Choices.

“With Klein, Halper and Kessler, we now have a Hat Trick of despicable actors concocting trashy nonsense,” Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said in an interview with the Washington Examiner. “Their behavior should neither be allowed nor enabled, and legitimate media outlets who know with every fiber of their beings that it is completely made up should not get down in the gutter with them.”

Obviously one of these books is heavily made up. The second appears to have some wacky material too. But it’s not like the media or Hillary’s own fake books are any better.

Those books are on track to sell better than Hillary’s ghostwritten yawnfest.

Meanwhile Clintonworld keeps reminding everyone that it’s even more paranoid and manipulative than the current boss. The Clintons never forget a grudge and work overtime to stamp out unauthorized depictions even by their own allies. That’s how CNN’s Clinton project was shut down.

Nick Merrill all but took credit for that one, crowing, “No lights, no camera, no reaction.”

This is the paranoid behavior of very paranoid people. You have to ask whether David Brock is driving the Clinton camp into paroxysm of paranoia or did the Clintons make him paranoid.