Hokoyo, Basopo: The new poison for sale in Zimbabwe!

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Nov 22nd, 2013

Hokoyo, Basopo: The new poison for sale in Zimbabwe!

As Zimbabwe struggles to fight against the deluge of GMO colonialization, the odds appear not to be in Zimbabwe’s favor for winning this battle. Big corporations such as Monsanto have been biding their time within Africa; mastering the art of forcing genes from one species onto another species with no regard. Currently a huge debate is raging amongst Zimbabwean bureaucrats and intellectuals over the virtues of G.M.O foods being introduced into Zimbabwe. Part one of this article is to shed a little light on what GMO means to the average Joe within Zimbabwe and the world.

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What is G.M.O?
GMO is an abbreviation for genetically modified food. This is where you take the genetic makeup of a species and play around with it in order to achieve a specific result. Actually this is done scientifically and very well, Scientists all over the world have been shown to produce remarkable results worth implementing; however this is where the science ends and the business begins.
GMO products for example are patented and owned by a corporation, meaning a farmer will have to continually renew his batch every planting season unlike farming organically/naturally on their own. Changing your seeds from non organic to organic is not easy and furthermore the GMO companies keep close tabs on their proprietary rights.
GMO plants need reduced nutrients in order to grow and thus they inadvertently provide fewer nutrients for anything consuming them. Grazing, for a capital intensive animal is considered uneconomical, which is why close quarters and GMO feed is the current industry trend for all the beef and poultry we currently eat.
Thanks to CSI Miami the whole world knows DNA; however RNA is still unknown; this linchpin to the human body is very important in the communication between DNA and the rest of the human body. Micro RNA which is found in our cells translates and communicates to our DNA on how to respond to all the foreign genes and cells travelling throughout our biological systems. Why this is important relates to the fact of how GMO foods affect the manner in which our RNA and DNA adapt to the modifications we bombard our bodies. Ultimately GMO’s help modify our RNA and ultimately our own DNA whether good or bad.
How does this affect me?
Do you have a family member who died because of cancer? Why are people having fat babies? Why is diabetes so common? Why are cardio-vascular diseases so common? Or……… Why am I so obese or fat?
All these issues have very little to do with GMO foods alone; and a lot to do with corporate manipulations currently within the industry.
The food industry discovered a long time ago that sugar, fat and salt in the right amounts increased addiction. Biotechnology only ushered in, genetic and molecular manipulation where a company could make a consumer addicted to a certain product with less overhead on the company.
Living within the Diaspora the biggest fear any family member has, is the fear of receiving that late night phone call of a close family member having passed away. Death is a close and common companion to any person who has lived in the Diaspora, family members die and relatives far off in Western lands are left to deal with methods of closure.
Having experienced this episode several times within my own family I began to notice an uncomfortable trend. After having taken a tally of all family deaths I noticed that most of my family members had died from diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases or cancer. Diseases such as AIDS had killed a smaller amount of family members than I had actually expected. Surprisingly my Grandmother is still alive and kicking.
Delving deeper into the issue of how deaths in my community occurred I suddenly came across a recurring theme, diet and a sense of well being had a lot to do with who lived and who died. Bluntly speaking Black people do not concentrate on their diet; especially in regard to their sense of wellbeing.
Did you know that drugs of abuse such as Heroin, Cocaine or Opium which trigger dopamine within the body can also be achieved in small amounts by consuming certain types of food products? The reason why Oreo cookies are tasty has a lot to do with the chemistry and the manner in which the Food Industry has made the product so palatable to the consumer rather than the commercial you see on TV.
“The power of food comes from the anticipation of the first bite”, our current food industry has made it socially acceptable to yearn for food at any time, and our science has turned scientists into bloodhounds who consistently search for highly salient stimuli that trap the consumer into an ever ending cycle of addiction.
Naturally grown food is continuously becoming an accepted norm for those who are well off. Using the term “Organic” to define old ways of growing crops naturally, is now confusing a public who do not know the difference.
Most diseases in our current generation besides developing countries can be directly sourced back to poor food choices in the people’s lives. GMO’s accelerate this effect, flooding a market with easily grown, nutrient deficient food that change the DNA make up of a person is the basic business plan of most food industry, international food companies out there in the world.
Within Canada and America the writing has been on the wall for a while. Farmers within North America already have to be regulated and inspected in order to grow natural food; their products are given an organic certification by the government in order to earn more dollars at the supermarket. Really!!!!!
What do I do to avoid this?
Firstly start eating right, if you are a Zimbabwean whether in the Diaspora or in Zimbabwe, please do not trust your food manufacturers. Caucasians have not trusted their suppliers for years and black people need to start doing it as well. Please read the food labels, look out for items dangerous to your health and if the percentages on the label do not add up to 100% don’t buy it.
Realize that anything with fructose syrup on the food label is the same as snorting cocaine off a table in Colombia. Fructose syrup is highly addictive and is actually not natural but manmade. Make a note to yourself that most food labels are deceptive and disingenuous. Switching around and rebranding dangerous food products; is a favorite pastime for some food industry execs. Some company retreats are structured around how they can bamboozle the consumer.
Look out for part two when we deal with the specifics on how your health is affected with food and why your weight is directly related to that.

Tsungai Chipato is a Journalist and blogger within Toronto Canada
Contact @: mugaradzakasungwa@gmail.com

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