How Long Until Obama is Forced to Bomb Libya… Again?

By IAfrica
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Aug 26th, 2014

Gaddafi, the Jewish leader of Libya meets, President Hussein Obama, the Muslim rais of America

While the world’s attention is on Syria and Iraq, Tripoli is allegedly under the control of Islamist militias. Meanwhile fighting still continues in Benghazi. With Obama golfing, Egypt and the UAE took it upon themselves to carry out some bombings of their own.

Egypt denied the bombings when asked, but at this point tweaking the US has become a national sport there.

(Of course the White House already knows that all this was caused by a YouTube video.)

Libya hasn’t really had anything resembling a functioning government in a while even though much of the media and the diplomats were willing to play along until it became impossible to go on pretending. In 2012, I warned that the elections were a farce and that the war wasn’t over.

The central purpose of the Libyan election is to maintain the illusion of stability even as the fighting goes on. Benghazi, the “cradle of the revolution,” whose clashes with Gaddafi’s forces were used by Obama to justify the bombing of Libya, is still at war. The Libyan provisional government has already threatened that it will use force to suppress the Cyrenaica National Council, which seeks autonomy for Eastern Libya.

Before long the fighting in Benghazi will force the new Libyan government to engage in a crackdown similar to the one that was carried out by Gaddafi. There are reports that this may be happening in parts of Libya already. But don’t look for Obama to run to the UN Security Council for another No Fly Zone, when it’s the NFA and the Brotherhood killing Benghazi civilians.

Benghazi may be bad, but Tripoli isn’t that much better. There is still gunfire in the Libyan capital and rogue militias are out there looting and raiding.

Things have only gotten worse since then. Any central authority in Libya is even more non-existent than in Iraq which is why the Islamist militias have had little trouble rolling over it.

Nor is there any real sign that the fighting will end. The odds are good that militias allied to Al Qaeda will end up holding key parts of the country and if that happens, we’re going back into Libya sooner or later.

For now Obama ignored the persecution of Africans and Christians in Libya. There hasn’t been a big enough united force or a Yazidi moment to change things. But the moment is likely to come before his term is up forcing him to bomb the country that he shouldn’t have bombed in the first place.

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