‘Humanitarian disaster in Red Sea State’: eastern Sudan MP

By IAfrica
In Sudan
Sep 3rd, 2014

Torrents and ensuing floods have blocked the roads in Toker and Agig localities, Red Sea State, in eastern Sudan.

Member of the Red Sea state parliament, Hamed Idris, warned for a humanitarian disaster. The MP told Radio Dabanga that “the prices of consumer goods, already skyrocketing, will even increase more as a result of the blocked roads”.  

“In addition, the Baraka streambed has been adjusted, on orders by the governor of the state. This streambed used to provide the delta of Toker with irrigation water. Its rearrangement has already led to the failure of the last agricultural season. The water now flows towards the Nile without benefitting the people in the region.”  

The MP holds the Red Sea State authorities responsible for the “tragedy” in the two localities.

Map indicating Toker and Agig localities (OCHA)


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