“I know that Mr Sata is not well,” says Dr Canisius Banda

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In Zambia
Jul 22nd, 2014

Dr Canisius BandaUnited Party for National Development (UPND) Vice President for Politics Canisius Banda had said Michael Sata must take leave or step down as president because of his failing health.

Banda, a qualified medical doctor with several years of practice said in Lusaka that it was abundantly clear that Michael Sata was not well.

He said enough was enough of Michael Sata’s hide and seek games and his behavior had become a liability to Zambia’s development.

He said Michael Sata must sit down with his cabinet as well as family members to plan his exit because he was very inefficient in his current ailing form to perform as republican president.

“I know that Mr Sata is not well. Many people also know that Mr Sata is not well. We all know that Mr Sata is not well. No one can hide such a thing because it is like a pregnancy. You cannot hide a pregnancy for ever because at some point it shows. We are not being malicious or maligning he Head of State, but we want to follow the laws of the land. But we also want to save Mr Sata’s life by asking him to go and rest. He has done his part and we all appreciate that,” he said.

Dr Banda, the former president of the Resident Doctors Association of Zambia said Michael Sata would be removed from power in 2016 using the ballot if he does not step down now based on poor health.

He said hanging on to power was not the best option for Michael Sata adding that the PF leader must realize that his health was more important than the presidency.

Dr Banda said Michael Sata’s family must save him from further straining his body because of the pressure that comes from the work of the president.

He said Michael Sata’s family must save the president from people who are only interested in keeping their jobs while ignoring Michael Sata’s health needs.

“There could be people who are urging him to go on. These people are not being air to the president because they are asking him to continue working even when they can see that he is not well only because they want to keep their jobs. Their survival is dependent upon Mr Sata and when Mr Sata leaves, that is their end as well. Mr Sata must not listen to these people. Mr Sata must do the honourable and right thing, resign,” he said.

Dr Banda said the UPND wanted Michael Sata to step down while the audience was still clapping because his impending defeat in 2016 would be embarrassing.

He said it was myopic and futile for the PF to continue thinking their party would be in government forever. He added that the PF was a one term government that had left a trail of economic destruction of failed policies in the short period they had been in government.

Michael Sata who had been away from public appearance after he returned from his secret visit to Israel recently, while his last few presence in public circles revealed a frail a man who is struggling to keep fit.

Michael Sata latest public appearance was at the weekend when he ‘peeped’ into the public through managed photographs showing aboard the presidential jet and in hospital by his notorious son Kazimu’s bed side, who is admitted to South African Milpark Hospital for critical injuries he sustained in a fatal road accident on the Copperbelt.

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