Former ANC Youth League president Julius Malema


Malema is not fooling me…..

When Malema was first elected to become the President of the ANCYL, he was herald as a radical young man who will take over the reigns from Fikile Mbalula. ANCYL has for many years been able to decisively employ tactics that seem robust and uncharacteristic to peaceful talks when dealing with issues with their mother body. It was for this reason amongst many that Julius Malema was seen as the right man to carry out the ANCYL mandate.

The critical questions I have been asking myself are : what is the objective of the ANC youth league in relation to its mother body?, Can the Youth league have a different mandate from its mother body?, Are the processes in place to govern how the two should relate especially when there are opposing views?

It is quite logical to know that the youth league exists fundamentally because of its mother body and will cater for an audience that thinks and behaves in a certain way and become relevant to them but more and above to enhance the brand of the ANC to its different stakeholders. Which will the lead to the fact that the youth league’s policies are essentially that of the ANC.

In any healthy organisation, matters are dealt with internally and are capsulated and managed in such a way that the objective of the organisation remains intact. A leader is someone who agrees with the vision of the organisation, inspires and utilizes the resources well so that the organisation’s objectives are met.

I will mention a few things about our beloved Malema. He started a notion of public support for Zuma while at that time the ANC had its president. He (together with his friends) totally disregarded dates for conferences which are designed to deal with succession issues. He further made appalling statements such as “killing for Zuma”, which were very devising and cunning and seemed at that point to serve only a certain portion of ANC’s constituencies. At this point it was clear to me that Malema was no longer pushing the ANC’s mandate and has effectively stopped being its leader. I must add that Malema could not behave in this manner if there were no other people who saw sense in what he was doing and supported it.

He later (stopped killing for Zuma) came out in support of Mbeki and ridiculed Zuma. I hear someone saying “Wasn’t that the Zuma he was prepared to die for?”

Malema was allowed to speak as he wishes and this worked for him when he was able to help Zuma win votes for the presidency. His wayward behaviour made him a brand and people sorted to hear what he was thinking. He became powerful and never in his life thought Zuma would call him to order especially after the pivotal role he played in making him the president.

With the media attention, the role he played for Zuma and the access he had in tender regulations made him a “champ”. He often spoke about porverty and how it affects his ‘people” yet in his own private life was known to be aggressive in how he accumulates money for himself and spends it carelessly. I sometimes wondered to myself what kind of a change does a man speak of if it doesn’t start with himself. It all came clear to me that Malema realized that his greatest gift was his ability to speak and convince people. When things didn’t go his way, he resorted to speaking again. Doing the exact same thing he did when he ousted Mbeki but only this time doing it to Zuma.

Malema can deceive those who are willing to be deceived but it has all become clear that he has never served the ANC from the time he was elected, he instead used the ANC to serve his own interests. I often think what people mean when they say he’s a good leader. A leader within the ANC seeks for ideas that unify, grow and make the lives of our people better, and no matter how you look at it, Malema was none of the above. I personally hope that he finds time to recuperate, think about the person he wants to become and be useful in society.