ia:OLF (PC): Death of a Dictator Is Not End of Colonial Oppression

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Aug 30th, 2012

Statement of OLF Provisional Council on the Dishonorable Death of Ethiopia’s Dictator

“The death of a dictator is not the end of colonial oppression!”
OLF Provisional Council

In the long history of the Ethiopian empire, there has never been a peaceful transition of power from one leader to the other. Succession to power has always been stained with violence and blood shade. Meles is one of Ethiopian leaders who rose to power swimming in a pool of blood, and also passed away while swimming in the pool of blood within and beyond Ethiopian empire. Meles Zenawi is very well known by killing, imprisoning and torturing hundreds of thousands of people who demand for freedom, democracy, and justice in their country. He imprisoned journalists, independent minded intellectuals, and non-Tigre businessmen, and evicted thousands of peasants forcefully. He banned all independent media and violated human rights.

What makes many distressing is not his death, but his being the first dictator to be honored and blessed with state funeral. Meles is getting excessive colorful state funeral that he does not deserve because of the geopolitical influence of the Western powers in the region. Meles Zenawi was a criminal who was supposed to face justice and to be held responsible for all crimes committed in Oromia, Gambella, Ogadenia and many other parts of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian state owned TV shows men and women weeping to create impression that it is an expression of grief, but in reality, it is a sign of happiness for God has relieved the people. It is shocking to hear the views of some leaders who are preaching bogus democracy and development in Ethiopia. Oppressed people could not believe their ears when they heard the claims that Meles was their great ally and visionary leader of modern era Ethiopia. The leaders of the so called Western democracies are well aware that Meles is evil minded, cruel, vicious person who exterminated hundreds of thousands of people in front of their naked eye but they allowed him to get away with his crime only because he has been murdering under the guise of fighting terrorists.

The Oromo liberation Front (OLF) fully defers with the colorful statements of Western leaders and strongly believes that the death of Meles Zenawi will not end the oppressive colonial system at all. As we have noted in the past, oppressive systems will not die with passing away of one head of state. What is oppressive is not the leader alone but the system. Colonial system is abolished when the empire is totally dismantled with its oppressive political machine. Hence, we remain following the foot mark of our fallen heroes, heroines, and the will of our nation who paid ultimate sacrifice for freedom and up hold their banner demanding full freedom for the Oromo people and others who are under colonial occupation.

Therefore, we call up on all the oppressed people to stand in unison. We renew our call up on all Oromo not to be fooled the death of Meles doesn’t mean oppression is over. We strongly advise that the oppression of the colonial empire will sustain under a new dictator and the suffering of our people might be intensified. Thus, the only ways by which our people can dislodge themselves from colonial bondage is by uniting and keep fighting the oppressive colonial system.

Victory to the Colonized People

OLF Provisional Council

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