IEC breaching its own law: EFF

By IAfrica
In South Africa
May 7th, 2014

WITBANK – The Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) was breaching its own laws by not opening its polling stations on time, the Economic Freedom Fighters in Mpumalanga said on Wednesday.

“I am deeply disappointed,” EFF party agent Repo Collins Leutle said in Witbank.

“They were meant to be here from 7am,” said Leutle.

He was speaking outside the Witbank Correctional Centre in Mpumalanga where the facility’s prisoners were expected to vote.

“Them not informing the prison officials (that they will be late) means they’ve breached their own legislation,” said Leutle.

IEC officials who were meant to set up the voting station before 7am had not arrived by 8.30am.

“It must be corrected. We want to see our people cast their votes,” said Leutle.

He explained that he and a colleague of his were simply there to observe the voting processes.

Earlier, he was asked to put away his EFF poster which depicted the face of the party’s leader, Julius Malema.

“We aren’t here to campaign,” said Leutle.

“We aren’t given an opportunity to campaign but prisoners do know about us because they have access to media,” he said.

“They watch TV and read newspapers.”

A prison official quipped that the IEC took for granted the fact that the prisoners “had no other plans”.

“They are doing this ’cause they know they (the prisoners) aren’t going anywhere,” said the prison official dressed in his brown uniform.

Meanwhile, more prisoners clad in their orange uniforms had begun walking around on the prison grounds on the other side of the thick, barbed-wire mesh.

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