Indian TV Crew Captures Hamas Rocket Setup and Firing Near Hotel (VIDEO)

By IAfrica
In World News
Aug 5th, 2014

It took India’s NDTV to finally do the job that Reuters, CNN, the BBC and the news organizations of a dozen Western countries refused to do.

Apparently NDTV is the only news agency actually willing to chronicle a rocket setup and launch.

In the minutes before the ceasefire kicked in at Gaza this morning, Hamas fired a flurry of rockets towards Israel – 30 according to some counts.

NDTV witnessed one such rocket silo being created under a tent right next to the hotel where our team was staying. Minutes later, we saw the rocket being fired, just before the 72-hour ceasefire came into effect.

It began with a mysterious tent with a blue canopy that bobbed up yesterday (August 4) at 6:30 am in an open patch of land next to our window. We saw three men making a multitude of journeys in and out of the tent, sometimes with wires.

An hour later, they emerged, dismantled the tent, changed their clothes and walked away.

The next morning – today – we woke to news of the 72-hour ceasefire but just before it was to take effect, the rocket next to our hotel was fired. There was a loud explosion and a whooshing sound. The cloud of smoke that rose was captured by our cameraperson.

There have been other reports of Hamas firing off rockets near reporters. This appears to be more of the same. The media isn’t just being used as propaganda. It’s also being used as human shields.

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