Indiscipline Plagues PF in Eastern Province

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Jun 23rd, 2014

The recently appointed Patriotic Front (PF) Eastern Province Chairperson Atanny Mwamba concedes that the ruling party is wrought with deep divisions and wanton indiscipline.

He said he divisions and indiscipline was largely being perpetuated by his predecessor Lameck Mangani.

Mwamba, who was hand-picked by President Michael Sata recently after Wynter Kabimba’s recommendation, said the PF was greatly divided adding that the divisions created camps that were responsible for the harassment of other party members especially in eastern province.

Speaking from Chipata, Mwamba said a lot of wrongs were perpetuated by Lameck Mangani’s provincial executive committee, but he begged the ruling party members in the east to forget about Mangani because he was no longer a factor in the ruling party’s politics and its structures.

Lameck Mangani, who was also hand-picked by party secretary general Wynter to represent the entire eastern province after suspending the other members of the provincial team was sarcastically removed from his portfolio after it was realized that he was responsible for a the major squabbles and other intra party tensions.

Some PF members in eastern province were plotting to have Lameck Mangani completely hounded out of the ruling party, but Mwamba said he would not allow that to happen but Mangani would find himself irrelevant to the party and resign.

Mwamba said he had special instructions from ‘senior’ party officials to re-organise the ruling party in eastern province because its fortunes were nose-diving.

He said in the recent past, PF members in eastern province were in bondage, but his assuming the top leadership had liberated the cadres who must forgive perpetrators of evil and selfish deeds in the past.

“My appointment had come at a time when things were bad. I want to rejuvenate the party and bring in fresh air so that we can stop beating each other because we are members of the same family. I want the cadres to move on and bring stability in the party here in eastern province,” he said.

Mr Mwamba told the meeting that included Chipata District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu that those people with permanent grudges against the previous leadership should burry them in order to foster unity in the party.

Mwamba bemoaned that there was a horde of unemployed youths who acted as hired thugs against PF members among the warring factions and these youths, commonly called ‘Jimbos’, were responsible for the beating of critical members.

He said there was no order in the PF in eastern province because the party was in the hands of people belonging to different factions within itself, adding that in a democracy, individuals with different views must be tolerated, but this was happening in the PF.

Last week, Michael Sata removed Lameck Mangani from the position of eastern province chairperson upon Wynter Kabimba’s recommendation. This was after a group of drunk PF youths disrupted Kabimba’s meetings in Chipata, but it was realized Mangani was responsible for the intra party confusion.

There have been intra party divisions in the ruling PF in eastern province. Some party members attributed the squabbles to secretary general who was using Lameck Mangani to advance his presidential ambitions.

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