MUMBAOpposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy President Nevers Mumba says lack of accurate information on the state of health of President Michael Sata will heighten insecurity in the country.

Mumba said State House should fill the information with a truthful account of President Sata to halt the debate about President Sata’s health.

“We appeal to government to make sure that they stay abreast in informing the Zambian people as to the condition of His Excellency the President,” he said.

“So we would like to think that as much information as they can reveal will quieten the mood in the nation and further to advise that if there is going to be any suspicion of secrecy, they will just heighten speculation and insecurity in the country.”

And political activist Dante Saunders has also added his voice saying every Zambian had a right to knowing the true health status of the Head of State as he was a public citizen.

“Not only is it a constitutional right but it is just a humanitarian right for people to know how your Head of State is doing,” Saunders said.

“You see when you become President of Zambia, it means that you are President of all the people of Zambia even those that did not vote for you whatever the case is you are President of the whole Zambia so people do have the right to know your status.”

He added: “So people do have the right to know your status how you are doing and stuff like that. And the reason why people are putting a lot of pressure is because of the constant rumours that have been flying out from State House.”

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