Insurgency: PDP Chair Tasks Opposition Leaders, Journalists On Patriotism

The PDP Chairman in Plateau state, Dr. Haruna Dabin has admonished journalists and opposition party leaders to be patriotic and rise above personal interests over burning national issues.
“Most of the statements the press attribute to leaders of some opposition smacks of pure lack of patriotism. The nation is going through challenging moments and we must rise above any sectional sentiments along political lines.
“I have observed a tendency to hurl blames and celebrate the challenges as failures on the part of the political party in power when we should be working together toward seeking solutions,’’ he told newsmen in Jos, on Wednesday .
While challenging the press and the critics on the supremacy of national
interest, he warned that those seeking to replace the current government would have no nation to govern if Nigeria went under.
He said that Nigerians must rise above “pettiness’’ along political, regional or religious lines, saying that everyone must contribute his quota toward pulling the country from forces out to destroy it.
Dabin said that the activities of insurgents were “normal crises of growth’’, and claimed that all nations have had such painful challenges on the path to greatness.
“Even in Nigeria, we have had nasty experiences toward statehood; we have fought a bitter civil war, suffered civil revolts, and almost disintegrated in 1993 following the annulment of the June 12 presidential elections,’’ he said.
He expressed confidence Nigeria would come out of the crises much
stronger, and declared that “evil can never triumph over good’’.
“The current violence will fizzle out. Boko Haram will fizzle out. It cannot be here forever. All we need is to be all committed to ending the menace,’’ he said.
Dabin said that Nigerians must learn to live with the realities that they must commune together and love each other irrespective of tribe, religion or political differences, stressing that such varieties could never be wished away.
He said that Nigerians must unite to fight common evils like poverty, illiteracy and underdevelopment, pointing out that arrows, bullets, hunger and bombs had no regard for tribe or religion.
The PDP chief also faulted the resort to blaming the presidency for whatever went wrong, and challenged critics to ask governors and other leaders to faithfully discharge their constitutional responsibilities toward a better nation.
On allegations that presidential decisions were usually delayed, Dabin said that final decisions were usually arrived at, after gathering, sampling and screening lots of intelligence reports.
“Clearly, it is better to err on the side of caution rather than rushing to do the wrong thing and ending up with regrets and loss of integrity,’’ he said.
Dabin advised journalists to work more with the authorities toward helping the nation to tackle its challenges, and cautioned against the temptation to go for who is wrong rather than what is right.
“The Nigerian journalists should emulate their western counterparts by leaking information to the authorities toward ridding the nation of its current challenges. That way, they shall also be contributing to a better nation.
“Some years ago, for instance, many Somali journalists were gleefully
publishing horror stories that were against national interests. Such
journalists are now stateless because there is even no state for them to work in,’’ he claimed.
Dabin advised the media to “draw a line between journalism nuances and national interests so as to positively influence national growth’’.

Dr. Haruna Dabin