Integration Darfur ex-rebels into regular forces


On Sunday, the implementation of the security arrangements, as agreed on by the Sudanese government, and the signatories of the Doha Document of Peace in Darfur (DDPD), the Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM), led by Tijani Sese, and the Justice and Equality Movement-Sudan (JEM-Sudan), will enter its practical stage.

The leader of JEM-Sudan, Bakhit Abdallah Abdel Karim, known as Dabjo, said that “all issues obstructing the implementation of the security arrangements on the ground have been cleared”.

The movement is also known as JEM-Bashar, after the late Mohamed Bashar, under whose leadership the faction broke away, in 2012, from the mainstream Justice and Equality Movement. Bashar was killed in a battle with JEM forces in North Darfur in May 2013, a month after he signed the DDPD.

The ex-rebel troops will assemble in a new military camp near El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur State, where “administrative procedures such as the classification of the ex-combatants, and the collection of weapons, will kick-off on Sunday, in addition to other, technical procedures”.

File photo: Mohamed Bashar (black suit) after the signing of the DDPD in Doha on 6 April 2013 (Albert González Farran/Unamid)

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