Ethiopia: Is international community ready to accommodate another shadow terrorist group?

by Eske Netsanet


The Tigre People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) who took control of Ethiopia in 1991 with the blessing of the United States and the United Kingdom government, was on a killing spree since its arrival in Addis Ababa. The killing started with University Students in 1993 when the then UN secretary Boutros Boutros-Ghali was visiting Ethiopia and continued to date. According to some reliable sources and personal testimonies like former TPLF treasury G/Medhin Araya, TPLF murdered more than 8 million people since its inception in 1975.

This heinous criminal group, is ethnic based and set to eliminate other ethnic groups in the country especially Amara. That was clearly stated in the first page of their manifesto. US State Department and secret service were well aware of this right from the very begging because Paul Henz , the then CIA boss in Nairobi was a close advisor of the murderer Meles Zenawi. Genocide crime committed by this ethno centric criminal group has been registered by so many human right defenders like Ethiopian Human Right Council (EHRC) , Amnesty International, Human Right watch, Genocide Watch and others. The ongoing genocide crime committment by this group on Anuak people since 2003, on Amara and Oromo since its inception in 1975, on Ogaden people since 2006, on Sidama people since 2002, on Suri, Mursi, Hammer and other indigenous people to eliminate them and sell their land is just a tip of the ice berg. This group committed unparallel crime against humanity in Ethiopia and neighboring countries in the 21st century. Although western governments knew this very well, they kept supporting this criminal group in the name of war on terror. It is very ironic, how can a terrorist fight against terrorism?

This savage criminal group keeps 90 Million people under the dark, curtailing from all forms of communication. Any one critic of this criminal group is certain to go to jail, to be tortured even murdered. In Ethiopia, all peaceful and courageous journalists, human right defenders, political leaders are languishing in jail while criminals, money launderers, human traffickers are flourishing. The murder crime of this group is not limited to Ethiopian geographic boundary. A score of opposition leaders have been assassinated in Kenya, Uganda, in Somalia, in the Sudan and in Djibouti. This group has terrorized the Ethiopian people for the last 22 years with the support of Western governments in the name of war on terror. The truth of the matter is, TPLF is the most crude, cruel, savage, and the most dreadful criminal group of this era. It is very odd and surprising, how the Western governments align with this criminal group knowing all the crimes of the group?

The issue is now coming to haunt even the Western governments. FBI recently disclosed that TPLF sent its killing squad to USA to take out the renowned journalist Abebe Gelaw for merely using his right to express his feelings against the late brutal dictator Meles Zenawi. Freedom has no meaning for criminals so they don’t get it. The agent who was assigned to lead the assassination mission, who goes by the name Ge’ush Abera of Boston resident is under investigation. Abebe is also receiving so many death threats here in the USA by the same criminal group. By the way Abebe Gelaw is not the first and the only person who received death threat from TPLF killing squads.

What message does this send to the international community?

How does TPLF manage to infiltrate the western countries?

Is the World ready to accommodate a new shadow criminal group in the 21st century?

The clear message is, TPLF is expanding its killing domain and growing from regional terrorist group to international terrorist entity. The question is, how do the Western governments respond to this? Wait and see!!

TPLF infiltrates its killing squads to the western countries in two ways.

1. Using legal immigration systems:- The squads claim to be prosecuted in Ethiopia and apply for asylum. All necessary and convincing documents are prepared for them by the government agents including embassy official in the host country. As soon as they secure their claim, they gear up to spy the very country who offered them protection and serve the regime who they claim prosecuted them, spy on Ethiopian descents and assassinate when instructed by their bosses. They succeeded in Kenya, the Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti and surrounding countries.

2. Ethiopia claims to shelter Eritrean refugees. It collects million of dollars in the name of sheltering Eritrean refugees and passes to the third country. But most of the immigrants claimed to be Eritreans are Trigeans sent to the refugee camp by this very group. They are the same people, speak the same language and it is not easy for immigration officers to tell who is who. Once they land in the third country, they depart from their fake Eritrean identity and join the TPLF spy group and serve this criminal regime receiving direct instruction from Addis Abeba.

So now what?

These squads and TPLF spy agents were rebel fighters, snipers, know about guns and fire arms, they are unpredictable and dangerous. TPLF is more dangerous and criminal group than Mafia of 1265. They are spread all over the world especially in USA, Canada and Australia. Governments and law enforcements of these countries need to be very careful and vigilant about these people. Ethiopians who live in these countries are expected to cooperate with law enforcement of the country to apprehend these criminals.

Unless the world is set for another terror group, TPLF killing mission must be stopped right now!!!

The good news is, If immigration offices and security institutions want to get them, it is easy to nail them down, just to attend and video record rallies in support TPLF and reconcile with their original document. Ethiopian’s contribution in providing information in this regard is invaluable. As an Ethiopian citizen and a citizen of the country you live in, all of you are obliged to report such criminal group and TPLF killing squads to the appropriate government body.

God bless Ethiopia
Eske Netsanet

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