Jay Z, Kim Kardashian Ignore Each Other In Public!

By IAfrica
In Nigeria
Aug 15th, 2014

The feud between the Carters and Wests is getting rather too hot now as both Kim and Jay Z were said to have ignored each other in public.

According to Trace TV, Jay Z was alledgedly out with some friends having dinner in Malibu when Kim Kardashian walked in with some friends.

Jay Z was through, he headed out and Kim was in front of him but they both decided to ignore each other in public.

A nearby fan who was dining had this to say about the encounter:

It was really awkward. Jay Z had been quite low-key having a meal with pals.

But then everybody noticed the entire Kardashian family when they came in.

Jay Z was heading to leave and Kim was right in front of him. They just completely blanked one another.


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