John Dumelo And I Aren’t Attracted To Each Other- Yvonne Nelson

This is definitely not the first time rumours about John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson dating will be making the rounds. 

In fact, we have had cause to think so many times too…it isn’t our fault though…they keep fueling the rumour with their own actions…like kissing, necking, cuddling, always hanging out together, Yvonne grabbing his crotch, even to the extent of John fondling with Yvonne’s breasts in public! What man or woman will do these to each other without feeling an ounce of emotion? 

Do you then blame the public who thinks there’s more than meet the eye between them? NO! Yet, these two want us to believe they are just friends. 

In fact, the latest about this is that Yvonne took to Facebook to say they are “good friends” and not attracted to each other. 

After posting a picture message which reads “So if @johndumelo 1 was my boyfriend, you guys seriously think I’ll hide it? It isn’t that deep! Life isn’t that serious. Chill. wegoodfriends”, she then captioned it; “Chill guys…. ‪#‎wegoodfriends‬ not attracted to each other. ‪#‎bestfriend‬! Note