Time Posted: August 17, 2014 3:07 pm

Jonas Shakafuswa

Jonas Shakafuswa

UPND Katuba Member of Parliament Jonas Shakafuswa has been arrested for allegedly assaulting six Patriotic Front (PF) cadres during campaigns ahead of by elections in Mangango.

Mr Shakafuswa who is currently detained at Kaoma Police station is said to have raided the PF camp at Mwanambuyu Primary School in Namafulo ward where some district commissioners and other party officials were staying and assaulted the cadres.

Western Province Police Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi and PF campaign manager, Obvious Mwaliteta confirmed the arrest of Mr Shakufuswa in separate interviews in Kaoma today.

Ms Kamukoshi said the opposition MP had been charged with assault and malicious damage after he beat up the six cadres and damaged property during the fracas.

“We have arrested Mr Shakafuswa and is currently in Police custody and is facing charges of assault and malicious damage to property,” Ms Kamukoshi said.

Mr Shakafuswa’s arrest comes two days after Vice President Guy Scott accused UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema of fanning violence in Mangango.

Mr Mwaliteta said the violent situation in the area had worsened from the time Mr Hichilema and Mr Shakafuswa arrived to campaign for their candidate.

“Mr Shakafuswa and Mr Hichilema have been at the centre of all the violence, they are not like their friends like Garry Nkombo who is campaigning peacefully,” Mr Mwaliteta said.

“He raided our camp in Namafulo today with his cadres and started beating our members. Unfortunately even innocent villagers were beaten and as I talking to you, they have fled the village.”

Mr Mwaliteta said the PF had been campaigning peacefully and was by today organising themselves with the help of the police to ensure that the people came back in the village.

UPND national coordinator Batuke Imenda also confirmed Mr Shakafuswa’s arrest.

Later Western Province Deputy police Chief Lackson Sakala who is currently in Kaoma said the situation was under control.

Mr Sakala said officers were on the ground to thwart any potential violence and assured that peace would prevail on Tuesday as they cast their ballot.