Jonathan, SSS ‘Violate’ Court Order, Stop Sanusi from Travelling at Lagos Airport

By IAfrica
In Nigeria
May 4th, 2014

Former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has been stopped from travelling to Saudi Arabia despite the court order that granted him the right of movement.


The Federal Government had sued Sanusi after his suspension as CBN governor for alleged sponsorship of Boko Haram activities,


During the sittings for the case, the Jonathan led administration also prayed that the court for restriction of Sanusi’s travelling passport, but the court refuses that.


In fact, the court awarded N50 million damages for Sanusi over “defamation of his character.”


But in a related development, President Goodluck Jonathan allegedly directed the State Security Services not to allow the ex-CBN governor to travel.


This was contained in a protest comment posted by a former Federal Capital Territory Minister, Nasir El-Rufai on his Facebook wall.


The Comment Reads:


“BREAKING: JONATHANIAN VIOLATORS OF COURT ORDERS AND JUDGMENTS ARE AT IT AGAIN: My brother Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has just been stopped at Kano Airport and prevented from travelling to Saudi Arabia for Lesser Hajj, violating his freedom of movement, religion and conscience.


“His passport was seized and SLS was told that on orders from the President, the SSS officers at the airport have been instructed to violate his constitutional rights with impunity and disregard for any orders of the High Court.


“These Jonathanians have no respect for the laws of the country and court judgment., yet they expect citizens to respect them and take them seriously. They have failed to provide basic security, they divert funds meant for public purposes to private accounts and are shocked that we look at them with utmost contempt.


“They dance and party when citizens are being bombed to death and our daughters being abducted by their BH partners and allies. They then insult our sensibilities by questioning whether over 200 girls have ever been kidnapped from Chibok, and then form a committee in search of someone to blame not to find the girls.


“They are cowards who run into hiding with the hint of the slightest danger to their bodies or bank accounts. They block public roads they did not build to protect themselves and care less about the safety of the Nigerian citizen, but are quick to violate the rights of unarmed and law-abiding citizens like SLS because he exposed their grand theft of $20 billion!.


“They now steal at least $1.2 billion every month from our oil revenues and think that with such monies, they can procure INEC, the military and police to enable them write the results of the next election that they know they cannot in a fair contest. Yet they think they will get away with it. They will not!


“The God we all worship is All-Knowing and All-Seeing, and will deal with these cowardly tyrants. We hope that SLS’ lawyers will go back to the High Court and procure the arrest of the whichever clown in the presidency is behind this latest violation of the ruling of the court. That clown should not be allowed to enjoy the freedom that others shed their blood to deliver to the people of Nigeria.


“I am angry. I feel helpless and ashamed that a bunch of buffons are bringing the only country I have to its knees through sheer brainlessness.”


– Nasir El-Rufai

Nasir El-Rufai

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