Kabimba Accused of Spreading Rumours of President Sata’s Health

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Jun 22nd, 2014

zambia-reports-wynter-kabimbaSome Patriotic Front (PF) members in Lusaka have said that party secretary general Wynter Kabimba was among the individuals discussing the failing health of Michael Sata.

Kabimba, whom on Friday was made Acting President for a period of one month while President Sata is out of the country, appears to be taking advantage of the uncertainty and gossip surrounding his boss’s health.

The PF members interviewed in Lusaka said Kabimba was telling party members to remain alert and prepare for any eventuality because Michael Sata was not enjoying good health.

According to the PF members, Wynter Kabimba was saying that Michael Sata might just quit or become incapacitated owing to his failing health.

The PF members from the Lusaka district office spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimization said Wynter Kabimba had embarked on a solo countrywide party mobilization programme, in which he was meeting party members and telling them to prepare for the possibility of presidential elections before 2016.

They said Wynter Kabimba was not being fair to Michael Sata because he should advising Sata consider stepping down because his health was failing.

“Wynter Kabimba has been meeting party members and asking them to mobilize and prepare for elections. He has been saying the PF must not be caught unaware. The people who are talking about the president’s health are not outside the PF. They are within the PF itself and this is a matter that will come and haunt the party in the near. Wynter Kabimba is aware of this,” one of the executive members said.

The ruling party members said Wynter Kabimba was strategically positioning himself to be acting president when Michael Sata became incapacitated and to eventually take over as president.

“Wynter Kabimba is also spreading rumours about President Sata’s health. He has been telling to prepare beause anything can happen. Somehow, Wynter Kabimba is wants to take over by disadvantaging others and sticking to president Sata. He is using the name of president Sata’s everywhere he goes around the country,” one of the members said.

Of late, the failing health of Michael Sata has been a topical matter in the Zambia community after images of the frail looking republican president went viral especially on social media.

The police have been alert and arresting people deemed to be issuing ridiculing statements on Michael Sata’s failing health.

And the PF members spoken said keeping the president’s health secret was detrimental to the party because some members were taking advantage of the matter to skim against each other.

“We must learn from our friends in South Africa who got independence just yesterday. The government and ruling African National Congress had the courage to inform the people that their president Jacob Zuma was on medical leave. This removed all the malice and it actually attracted sympathy from the people. In Zambia, we are hiding something that is apparent. We may be digging out own grave as a party,” the source said.

Luapula province permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo said people speaking ill of Michael Sata’s frailty were idiots.

Kasolo who was speaking on Radio Phoenix’s Let The People Talk discussion show on Thursday morning said the people who were discussing Michael Sata’s health must be arrested.

However, some critics of the government have argued that there was nothing wrong with people discussing the health of the republican president.

Some journalists and opposition political party members have been arrested by the police on charges related to the publications of false news relating to the health of Michael Sata.

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