Kabimba and the Army Vehicle

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Aug 1st, 2014

KabimbaAn army vehicle parked at justice minister Wynter Kabimba’s private offices at Lusaka Godfrey House is raising concern as to the minister’s privileges.

Kabimba’s private business is conducted at Godfrey House where his law firm offices are located in Lusaka.

“I have observed over the past few weeks that an army vehicle, with the registration number AB 809, is permanently parked in Wynter Kabimba’s parking slot at Godfrey House,” an eye witness reports.

“It is silver coloured sedan which is usually parked behind Kabimba’s blue Isuzu pick up with the registration number ALR 7352 – a car he never had when he was in opposition by the way.”

However, this has raised concern with those monitoring the activity wondering what the army car is doing at Kabimba’s parking lot.

“As far as I am know, Kabimba is not entitled to use Zambia Army facilities either in his capacity as Minister of Justice or as PF Secretary General.

The source has wondered whether the army vehicle is providing an escort for Kabimba and why.

“Is he being threatened by anybody or being provided with special protection for some reason? Many of us in Godfrey House are privately very annoyed that dirty national politics is now being brought into our place of work and would like this situation sorted out,” the source said.

Kabimba harbours presidential ambitions and considers himself the heir to the PF throne heavily backed by his sponsors Fred M’membe, Rajan Mahtani and Mutembo Nchito to take over in 2016.

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