Kabimba Free to Join UPND, says Cornelius Mweetwa

KabimbaUPND Vice President Dr Canisius Banda says reviled former Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba should use his dismissal as a time reflect and reconnect to the people and God.

Dr Banda said it was his prayer that Kabimba who was last Thursday sensationally dropped from his two all powerful positions of Justice Minister and ruling party chief executive would emerge a humbler person.

He said that the dismissal may teach Kabimba to be more respectful of fellow citizens.

“We do know that Wynter Kabimba is just a human being although he attempted to think otherwise we do believe that really he did not know what he was doing, we forgive the man,” Dr Banda said.

“We pray this setback he has suffered will give him time to reflect and reconnect with God so that later on when he rises, we do hope that he rises again, he will emerge a humbler person, a person respectful of citizens, of the rule of law, democracy and God.”

He added: “We pray he rises again but for now let him deeply reflect and seek personal atonement he was not a national builder.”

And UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said Kabimba was free to join UPND if he so wished and will be welcomed.

“UPND is open for any person to come and join including Mr Wynter Kabimba, we are a very tolerant party, we are cognizant of the insults he hurled at us as a party and our party leader,” Mweetwa said.

“But he was doing that as Secretary General of the Patriotic Front, he was sent by the PF to turn against us and insult us and in fact even insult his own brothers and sisters and relatives for the sole good of promoting the agenda of the Patriotic Front.”

He said, “So if Mr Wynter Kabimba is desirous to come and join the UPND, we would open an open door policy for him because at the moment there is nothing criminal that we see that Mr Wynter Kabimba has done for us to begin to segregate against him.”

Mweetwa said Kabimba had a constitutional right to join any party of his choice.

“We do not have any meritorious grounds to begin to suggest in our imagination that if Wynter Kabimba wanted to make a move we would be able to preclude him from enjoying his constitutional association with the UPND,” he said.

“We think that UPND is a party that is open to all including those who have previously been adversaries and insulted us we would be too glad to manifest and exhibit magnanimity and be able to embrace them so that we begin to give a demonstration of that the UPND government will be a government that is tolerant and inclusive for all citizens to find a platform to be able to advance the agenda of a better Zambia for all going forward.”

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