Kabimba Wants HH Eliminated from 2016 Ballot

KabimbaSelf-anointed Patriotic Front successor Wynter Kabimba has increased the momentum to get rid of the person he sees as his strongest challenger for the 2016 general elections, Hakainde Hichilema of the United Party for National Development (UPND).

According to PF sources, Kabimba has firmly asserted himself as the ruling party’s presidential candidate for 2016 owing to President Michael Sata’s failing health.

And after successfully silencing opposition within his party, Kabimba has set his arsenals at Hichilema whose rising popularity has been noted by intelligence officials.

The sources say it is more than likely President Sata will not make the ballot in 2016 and Kabimba is entrenching himself.

Kabimba, a nominated member of parliament and justice minister, who has since got hold of the Intelligence Briefings the Office of the President.

“UPND especially Hakainde Hichilema has gained ground and could pose a challenge to the PF at a Presidential election,” the said.

There is widespread fear within the Kabimba group comprising Post editor Fred M’membe and director of public prosecutions Mutembo Nchito that if left unchecked, Hichilema will assume power in 2016.

“They have began to ensure that HH is blocked to pave good way for Kabimba. Among other things that have been planned are to get Hakainde Hichilema convicted prior to the general elections to ensure that he is excluded from the ballot,” the sources explained.

Options under consideration include planting a highly confidential document at either Hichilema’s house or office (party secretariat) which will earn him instant conviction.

“If these options fail Hichilema maybe be taken Out through assassination using some of the caders who were sent to Sudan for military training by Kabimba,” the source added.

President Sata recently told his ministers and party members who went to complain to him that he must do something about Hichilema’s growing
popularity to deal with the opposition leader.

“I have ran my race, I am Zambia’s 5th President even if HH becomes president, it will never change the fact that I was 5th president, if you feel uneasy with him, deal with him yourselves while you still have the powers too,” President Sata told his ministers.