Kabwe Residents March in Search for More Jobs

Kabwe-Zambia-600x377The toxic Patriotic Front more jobs promise seems to be back to haunt them with hundreds of Kabwe residents marching to the provincial administration offices demanding more jobs.

Seemingly troubled by idleness and joblessness, the cadres organized by the local PF officials held an abrupt march from the defunct Mulungushi Textiles to the provincial office demanding that they be given jobs through the re-opening of the closed company that President Michael Sata had pledged to facilitate the re-opening once elected to office.

The group predominantly comprised of youths said they were suffering from lack of jobs and said that if Mulungushi Textiles was re-opened they could be restored to a decent living.

Others said the PF should use the same zeal they have used on road projects to re-open the Mulungushi Textiles.

Traditionally, the group may have been asked to produce a permit as is customary behaviour by the police but being ruling party backed, the demonstrators freely matched through the streets of Kabwe and were even addressed by the District Commissioner and his lieutenants.

President Sata dramatically made a stopover at the Mulungushi Textiles whilst campaigning for the Presidency and buttonholed the guards before accusing the then ruling MMD government of turning the company into a pigsty.