Kalaba Embarrassed As Scott to Represent at SADC

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Aug 15th, 2014

Earlier this week Zambia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba made several announcements to various media houses that he would be leading the delegation to represent Zambia before the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Heads of State Summit in Zimbabwe. However, it now seems that the Honourable Minister has been caught in a lie, as Vice President Guy Scott has been appointed to represent the absent President Michael Sata in his place.

President Sata, who has been suffering ill health recently leading to several cancellations of public appearances, was scheduled to leave tomorrow to make the short trip to Victoria Falls but eventually decided to send Scott in his place.

According to a statement released by Kalaba himself from Zimbabwe, the vice president will indeed be taking his place, making Sata the only head of state from SADC who will not be in attendance.

When Kalaba appeared earlier in the week on ZNBC, he was defensive of his appointment, saying that these arrangements are made “well in advance.”

“There is nothing wrong with his excellency delegating any one to represent him. All ministers and the Vice President perform duties on behalf of the President. Invitations for international events are communicated well in advance. For example the President has already delegated someone who is going to represent him at a function in November. I have been delegated to go and represent him at the SADC summit in Zimbabwe. It is my responsibility as Minister of Foreign Affairs to represent the head of state. I will be the one representing Zambia at the summit,” Kalaba said last week.

Despite this advance “planning,” it seems that everything once again shifted at the last moment, creating even more uncertainty among the senior members of the Patriotic Front (PF) with regard to who is in control of this government, and who is in charge of managing and coordinating basic administrative tasks

Among the major events President Sata has failed to attend recently is the official opening of the Zambia International Trade Fair, the official opening of the Agriculture and Commercial Show, the US-Africa Leaders Summit and the campaigns in Mangango Kaoma.

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