After reading a denigrating report card from various online papers on Saviour Kasukuwere’s reportedly pathetic ministerial performances that range from his days in Indigenization to his crumbling personal business empires (UTC, Interfresh, Genesis Bank) and then to the current Environment, Water and Climate change, I just felt obliged to air a few statements to plead with the public to be patient. While he may seem clueless on his duties due to a challenged academic capacity or lack of a solid foundation in business, the truth is that he has carved a historical image for himself as a courageous and determined trooper. Simultaneously, he is not the only big let down from the Zanu PF circles. His weaknesses and inadequacies are a Zanu Pf signature at large.

That said, he still serves as a Minister. The President has trust in this former CIO-cum-Tekere’s driver because he is loyal and ruthless. For that loyalty, he gets a favour from the top. The top ranks fear him and they dutifully love him. For that love and fear, he continues to sit pretty. As a multi-millionaire with so many farms and a vast business empire, many may not like him but he is living large and the Presidential favour remains tied to his shoes. He is not going anywhere soon. Wherever he goes, smiles, claps, ululations and music welcome him. He is a hero and star to many.

Kasukuwere made it into politics while he was still young and immature. That is why many equate his big body and childish mind to a dinosaur or rather a gigantic elephant with a tiny mosquito brain. While he does not fully function in his assigned tasks, he is forgivable because he never had so much exposure in leadership or running businesses or the economy. Remember the days he used to simply respond to any journalist question with the word, “hogwash”. He was still young, immature, ambitious, volatile and innocent. Now with time he has stabilized a bit only that he needs to define the parameters of his operations so that he can have a solid plan that gives results. His anger management has improved now and his only challenge is to know or define his real duties in ministry.

After the share community scheme scandal of fake million dollar cheques and all his seeming recipes for business destruction, and not creating a good history in the areas where he has served, he may not be the only one. Joseph Made, Obert Mpofu, Ignatious Chombo, Nicholas Goche and many others all are in the same category. Even Aeneas Chigwedere was one of them. He helped compromise the education system in Zimbabwe until David Coltart came in. Lazarus Dokora is trying but has challenges as well. Most of these ministers have remained generally lazy or incompetent and a big let down to the Zanu PF party and the nation at large. It is only that many take advantage of Saviour Kasukuwere’s lack of leadership exposure and publicly-known frail academic foundation and business inexperience to attack him at the drop of any tree leaf. He is just one of the easy-to disparage lot but he is not the only one. In Zanu PF both the educated and the foolish all flow along the same way. It does not make much difference. Actually it can be pardonable for the babyish close-minded ministers like Kasukuwere to falter than for the so called experienced but loud noise empty shells.

As an example look at how Dr. Chombo behaves in city council business. You would think he attended school by the small window. Yet he has a Doctorate. Then look at Dr. Obert Mpofu and the way he responds to any inquiry or the way he expresses himself. You would also think he never saw a school door. That said, Kasukuwere may not have had a clue on the economic implications of indigenization or the general know how of the implications climate change but remember these political figures are mere stooges who are guided by learned permanent secretaries in relevant ministries. Those perm secretaries are supposed to provide an information hub that guides these political stooges.

Saviour Kasukuwere is innocent. Please allow him the chance to explore what the Ministry of Environment is all about. He is just getting in and will need to learn. He does not belong to the psychomotor or building ministry. He is for Environment. It is too early to judge him. May be he has big plans. Let us support him and enable him the space to run his ministry. He could be considered useless or clueless by the online press but it is too early to disqualify him as if he is a zombie. Yes he may be a dinosaur given his fragile mental stamina proven through his general submissions or sweaty arguments that yield nothing but he needs a second chance. He is not a perfect guy but he is just a lucky politician. For being lucky to be picked for ministerial duties, please let him rule. Please let him enjoy the fruits of his victory as a politician and for now let us support him with suggestions, ideas and proposals that can help him work out a plan for the good of Zimbabwe. Do not judge him.  The fact that he is leaving behind a trail of failed policies in his past tracks does not mean he will fail to run such a simple ministry like water and environment. Even an unsophisticated headman could run this ministry. It’s easy to build dams and drill boreholes and it’s easy to hunt poachers and save natural resources. It’s also easy to study climate and be fund prepared in disasters.  Saviour can do it. He is a man of the people. Please give him the chance and be patient.

Gail Muradzikwa

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