Kenya: Muslim cleric shot dead in Mombasa 10 June 2014- Sheikh Mohammed Idris, chairman of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya, was killed close to a mosque near his home by a group of gunmen.

Reports say he had previously been threatened by radical Muslim youths and had said he feared for his life.

He is the fourth prominent Muslim cleric to be shot dead in the city since 2012.

 The others were accused of links to the al-Qaeda linked Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab and their supporters accused the government of being behind their killings – charges the authorities denied.

Mr Idris had apparently urged the police to deal with militant elements at his mosque, leading some to brand him a traitor.

According members of his family Sheikh Idris life was threatened before his death leading to writing statement at area police station for fear.

According to local media reports those opposed to him wanted to change the mosque’s name from Sakina Jamia to Masjid Mujahedeen.

In April, Abubakar Shariff Ahmed, known as Makaburi, who had been listed by the UN as a recruiter for al-Shabaab, was shot dead in Mombasa.

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