Keshi 6Stephen Keshi has revealed the conditions under which he will accept a new contract from the Nigeria Football Federation(NFF).

Speaking to newsmen after meeting with the Minister of Sports in Abuja, the Big Boss said the NFF broke several agreements stipulated in his last contract and he does not want a repeat.

“If they agree to my condition, why not?” Keshi told reporters.

“I have started something here in Nigeria which I would love to finish if everything comes good but if not, I will like to move my trade to somewhere else, It is always a good experience when you go out there and do something different.

“It is not just South Africa that want me only that they are the ones that have gone to the media to make it public, lots of countries want me, if nothing good comes out I will move my trade elsewhere,” he continued.

“No need to bring in sympathy here, I have served this country very well. It is about professionalism now.

“I have kids in the university who I have to take care of and sympathy will not take care of my kids and family.”

Speaking specifically about how the NFF breached some of the clauses in the contract, Keshi added: “the definition of a contract is when two parties talk and agree on what is suitable and not suitable.

“You cannot just give me an offer and say sign and I will sign, it does not make sense.

“Any trip I take to US to see my family is from my pocket, for a year and half I have been paying my assistant coach Valeri salary, which is not supposed to be, Silvanus Okpala not in the team for no reason.”

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