Khaatumo : Two Regional States’ Birth Meet Federalism Obstacles in the North of Somalia

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Aug 31st, 2014
211 Views the last two decades Somalia has been striving for to stand its two feet again, to lay its regional and international role, and to cope with the problems of piracy and terrorism, which ruined the prestige of Somalia and reputation Somali identity as well.
With the help of the international community mainly the United States, The European Union, the United States, and the United Nations as well as Italy, Somalia started to follow the path of success and to march towards brighter future, deemed with what American politicians called “the last hope”.

While Southern Somalia’s change is foreseeable, the North-western Somalia’s federalism endeavors met challenges from clan rivalry.

The recently clashes between the two militias of Somaliland and Khaatumo states show indications that a renewal civil war in the North-western Somalia can be fatal and threat to the peace and stability of the Horn of Africa that African peace keeping Union or AMISON’s deployment is must as soon as possible.

The people of Khaatumo state of Somalia have been facing maltreatment and grossly unfair injustice (The same injustice that SNM resisted during the Siyad Barre) that is coming from their traditional rival clan that inhabit the Northern portion of Somalia namely Burao and Hargeisa . The fractured Isaaq clans seek to exercise clan-hegemony over Khaatumo and Awdalland states.

Clan elders, intellectuals, politicians including Somalia’s former Prime Minister and many other educators have come with their right-mind to form a regional administration with lines of Federal constitution in their own regional state locally and internationally known as Khaatumo state of Somalia.

In two years process, Khaatumo state of Somalia has been established its own representatives mainly members of Parliament and elected United a United States citizen and a former Somali Prime Minister , Ali Khalif Galayd as its regional President.

In August 28, a militia from Somaliland’s SNM raided Saahdheer where the inauguration of Khaatumo president was taking place in bid to disturb it, but eventually the inauguration ceremony was held in Erigo Valley, about 10km of Saahdheer across the border of Ogaden region of Ethiopia.

The President of Khaatumo state of Somalia, Mr. Galayd told the media in the wake of his inauguration that Ahmed Siilaanyo of Somaliland could not stop the will of the Khaatumo people , despite invading the people of Khaatumo state with armored vehicles , nobody can deviate the freedom and the will of the people he said.

“We are very worried about the Siilaanyo’s aggression which is a scheme to sow enmity between the two people that co-exist about a thousand kilometers from Landheer to Erigo valley. Siilaanyo’s raid will not help him but only will throw the peace into a deeper cave , and it is obvious that he will pay the price”, added Khaatumo President Mr. Galayd.

Khaatumo, which compromises Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn regions is rich of natural resources such as black gold or oil. International oil corporations interested in Oil extradition from Khaatumo state of Somalia, but eventually withdrew for security reasons.

Biggest World diplomats as well as Somalia reacted Somaliland’s invasion against Khaatumo state. In the eyes of International Community Somalia’s state-building is crucial and depends on recompilation and forming regional administration such as Puntland, Somaliland, Jubaland, Himan and Heeb and so on.

While aforementioned administrations formed smoothly and made progress, Khaatumo and Awdal states of Somalia met obstacles because of Somaliland’s grasping ways to swallow them all at once.

Somaliland’s strategy towards Mugadisho has shifted to create unity state and alliance which is based on mutual sharing in doing so, Somaliland will bargain South-North power and resource sharing, in doing so , Somaliland can have a lion’s share when it comes to Somalia’s federalism.

The Chairman of Somaliland main Opposition party of UCID Eng. Faysal Ali Warabe’s statements hinted that they are willing to have a constructive consultation with Mugadisho to form a unity against puntland which interpreted that Somaliland is desperate to seek the attention of Mugadisho government and a sign of giving up its so long dream it had had so many years.

But it is not clear yet , whether it will accept Mugadisho’s ambition to be established two more regional states in the North-Western before 2016 elections.

The people of Awdal state or Awdalland are peace-loving people and its land has a potential of natural resources and like Khaatumo state, International Corporations had a glimpse of possible oil extradition in the regions of Lughaye and Saylac, Awdalland .

Wikipedia Source: In 1995, after the collapse of the Somali Central government, a local separatist movement known as the Awdalland Republic briefly sought Independence.[2]

In 2009, the formation of a new autonomous region within a Federal Somalia was officially declared. Referred to as Awdal or the Adal state, the local administration does not recognize the secessionist Somaliland government’s claim to sovereignty or to its territory.[3][4]

The history of Awdal goes back to 16th century when a Somali Adal Empire commanded with, Ahmed Gurag stationed Saylac as its head-quarter. Awdalland of today has a healthy relationship with Khaatumo state of Somalia. The Powerful of its Awdalland diaspora and its politicians including its exile president,Professor Abdisamad ibrahim Nageye, has celebrated with Khaatumo in many parts of the World and welcomed the election of Khaatumo’s president Mr. Galayd.

Khaatumo state shapes a large portion of the history of Somalia from 19th century, which a highly organized and well-disciplined battlefield tacticians of Dervishes were from mostly Khaatumo state of Somalia. Khaatumo Politicians urged with me, if they liberated Somalia from powerful empires at then, why could not liberate Khaatumo from tribal rag-tag militia. But what went wrong?

Over recent years, Successive Somaliland administrations have been playing the adage term , divide-and-rule policy ,for offering its most feared politicians a large-sum of money, of course which worked for them in a while,but it is easily understandable that the news of the Prof Galayd election was a big-blow to Somaliland politicians.

Khaatumo President , Prof. Ali Khalif Galayd, who is one of the well-educated Somali politicians of today enjoys a widespread support from Somali-speaking communities around the globe that still believe Khaatumo is a part and parcel of Somalia’s Federal Government.

It was very cheered when his predecessor , Mohammed Yusuf Jama congratulated him for being elected democratically, at the scene of the inauguration and they shook hand each other for sign of collaboration.


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