Khloe Calls Out French Montana On Twitter!

It’s shocking that Khloe had known all along that she was being used by French Montana yet, she keeps dating him!
Khloe who recently started dating French has been receiving lashes from fans about her she’s being used by French to climb up the ladder of fame. 
Then this interview French granted Billboard magazine showed up where French said he wants to use his affair with Khloe to get really famous. 

“I want to capitalize on it,” he said. “I’ll get a fan base from everywhere. I just hope I’ll be able to connect with everything that’s going on.”

The reaction that followed his statement wasn’t friendly at all, as Khloe fans have kept bombarding him with insults after knowing what she’[d went through with Lamar Odom. 

The shocking thing is that Khloe doesn’t care whether French is using her or not as she’s all out to enjoy herself! 
In a twitter rage Saturday, Aug.17, she tweets to her fans that she was the first to know French was just using her but guess what; she doesn’t give a hoot! 
“It’s amusing how y’all think I don’t see it. I’m the first to see it. I just don’t care! “, she fired…
Oops, now we are scared for her!