Kidnapped Motor Dealer Pays N4m for freedom

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Abiodun Onafuye/Abeokuta

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A motor dealer in Ijebu Ode, Abiodun Olokodana, popularly known as Abbey Motors who was abducted last Tuesday has been released by his abductors after his family paid N4 million ransom.

The businessman was abducted at his office on old Ondo Road, Ijebu ode Tuesday evening, as he about to break his fast.

Four hefty men, he said, came in a picnic car with dane guns. One of them gave him a slap before he was pushed into the vehicle and driven through Lagos garage to Ejirin Road.

“I was about breaking my fast with water and corn when I saw the four men. I thought they came for business only to see them point a gun at me. One of them slapped me and before I could say anything, I was pushed into their car and blindfolded. What I saw again was that when we got somewhere, the vehicle malfunctioned and they took me on a bike and rode away.

“I was kept inside a bush where a makeshift camp was made round the area. One of them was on top of a tree with a gun keeping watch over me while another was with me all through and others outside. They initially demanded for 40million naira, so I asked to speak to my bank manager to release the money. I did but the bank did not release the money. This was because there was an agreement between me and the bank that whoever comes to the bank with my cheque and the money to be cashed exceeds N150,000, it must not be paid”.

“When they could not get the money on Wednesday and Thursday, they told me to bring either my wife or son to replace me while I go to look for the money and I told them that could not be possible. They now asked me to call my wife to organise five million naira, A friend of mine loaned us three million while my wife arranged one million, making four million naira”, he narrated.

According to him, the money was dropped for the abductors on the Ibefun-Imodi-Ijasi, Itoikin-Ikorodu Road.

“I was later dropped at a church at Ala with a Camry car around 9:30 pm. I later asked one of my customers to come for me. We arrived Ijebu Ode around 11:00 p.m. The experience was a terrible one and I never pray that any of my enemies, speak less friends fall victim,” he said.