Lady Gaga Shaves Head, Gets New Nose Ring

Lady Gaga has added two milestones to her ‘craziness’ and it all happened when she visited Asia. 


She got her nose pierced for a new nose ring! 
“Found a piercing shop in Apgujeong. Dope jewelry and Korean Metalheads running the shop. Needle plus alcohol equals happy gaga,” she captioned this photo, where she proudly displayed her new and improved septum ring. 

Also, she showed off her newly shaved back head, just like the one Kylie Jenner had.

It would be recalled that this isn’t the first time Gaga would have her head shaved. 

Back in 2012, she showed up to her perfume launch with the same style and later got one of her head tattoos on stage. 

The second tattoo, the “Rio” one is from last year and she had the “I” done as a cross to represent the city’s famous Christ the Redeemer statue.