Laura Miti Blasts Sata for Kazimu SA Visit

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Jul 21st, 2014

Laura MitiPolitical commentator Laura Miti has blasted President Michael Sata’s hollywood styled trip to South Africa on Saturday where he had gone to visit his adult son, Kazimu, at Millpark Hospital in Johannesburg where he is admitted after being evacuated following a road accident on the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway.

President Sata, who has made himself public to his employers – the Zambian people – for nearly 30 days, emerged for the visit with State House splashing images detailing the trip.

The Head of State has during the period of hibernation which included a secret medical trip to Israel been recuperating from a cocktail of ailment that confined him to the sickbed.

During this period, State House media has been cagey with details of the President’s whereabouts only releasing images of a Cabinet meeting after three weeks of President Sata’s disappearance from public sight.

Commenting on President Sata’s visit, Laura argues that the Head of State should use his personal resources “for the treatment abroad of his adult children and to visit them. Kazimu is of independent age – no?”

While wishing Kazimu well, Laura adds; “Wish Kazimu well but don’t think we should be shown the pres going 2 visit him in SA just aft a damning report on state of UTH is published.”

A report that 20 out of about 60 children born at the country’s biggest hospital, UTH, are delivered on the floor highlighting the critical stage in which the facility had collapsed to,

“If UTH is that bad what abt Chavuma Gen? Meanwhile Sata & his wife invite cameras to show him jump on plane to visit adult son in SA hosp,” she argued.

“Impunity is the President showing off about visiting his adult sick son in SA and docility is Zambians not protesting it. #Zambia.

“Sort out UTH so that the children of ordinary mortals can survive malaria, diarrhea, & birth!! Then we wont mind Kazimu going to SA #Zambia.”

And media consultant Roy Clarke urged Zambians “thinking” of being involved to in a road accident to ensure their father is President of Zambia.

Clarke also said the images published of President Sata showed the Head of State in a frail frame.

“In the pictures from Milpark Hospital Sata appears small and shrunken. But the government insists that he is fit and well,” he observes through his Spectator Kalaki social media account.

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