Lesotho blows chance to host Miss Heritage

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Aug 16th, 2014

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MASERU — Lesotho has lost an opportunity to host an international beauty pageant, Miss Heritage, Public Eye can reveal.
The international pageant was placed in the hands of a local company called Daco Designs which, according to Tare Munzara the International Director, failed to meet the set standards.
Miss Heritage which was formerly called Miss Heritage World is an international beauty pageant that aims to advance the world heritage.
It was pencilled for December 6 in the mountain Kingdom.
Public Eye learned of the changes when it read a post on Munzara’s Facebook wall where he announced South Africa as the host country and not Lesotho, merely a week since Daco Designs went public about Lesotho being the host of the prestigious event.
The post read: “Evening to all those in South Africa, just to avoid confusion so that you don’t contact us directly; please take note that this page (Miss Heritage) is for Miss Heritage, the international event and international organisation and South Africa is our Host Country for 2014 World Finals on the 13th of December.”
Munzara further posted saying; “Hello good morning. So far we have 10 European countries out of the 46 countries we have confirmed. So if you are European and your country is on this list and want to be national director or contestant for Miss Heritage which shall be hosted on the 13th of December in South Africa contact us.”
Asked for clarity Munzara told Public Eye they are an international organisation which organises the pageant at an international level.
“When we had planned to host the pageant in Lesotho we gave Daco Designes the mandate to be the country host meaning the Lesotho organisation was in their hand,” he noted adding, “We just focus on our countries as international relations with contestants and national directors.”
“We had mandated Daco Designs to organise the pageant according our standards stated in the host manual so failure to host in Lesotho is not our problem but that of Daco Designs and I would advise that you get hold of them,” Munzara stated.
Daco Designs spokesperson Teboho Letsie kept stalling Public Eye until he later noted they failed to raise enough funding for the pageant.
“We had problems that forced us to co-host with South Africa. One of our mandate was to source funds for the pageant and we couldn’t do so on time,” he said, adding of the 12 days of the competition, contestants would spend four days in Lesotho.
“Miss Heritage Wworld 2014 will now be hosted in Lesotho and Gauteng Province of South Africa at the Sandton Convention Centre.
“The competition will last 12 days and out of those 12 days, four days will be spent in Lesotho, in which the contestants will take part in two pre-contests, a gala, a heritage site tour and one other event that is yet to be decided upon. The decision to move the finals (and also to co-host with the Gauteng Government/ South Africa) came after Daco Designs was unable to source enough funds to cover the whole event,” Letsie said, adding the four days will still give Lesotho enough exposure and economic boost.
In a separate interview with Public Eye, Munzara said; “Information not true. , finals are in Sandton but we didn’t agree with Daco Designs on four days. They will send us a proposal and if they can deliver then four days can be spared but if not then there is nothing.”
“There are official plans. We need to see if Lesotho is financially ready to have them (the contestants) based on the proposal we get from Daco Designs,” he said adding, “The company disappointed us for seven months until we had to pull out and have our event in South Africa,” he indicated.

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