Let’s not flip flop -Dora Siliya

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Mar 11th, 2014

Let’s not flip flop -Dora Siliya

Time Posted: March 11, 2014 10:15 am
MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya

MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya

MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya

Mr Speaker, if I were in Parliament today this would be my contribution on the private members motion debate on the constitution road map…

The real question is why are we here, why are we all assembled here in this house called the National Assembly.. The answer clearly lies in our current constitution…in the preamble it reads, we the people assembled here through our representatives in Parliament…this means that all 13 million zambians have selected this house, this floor to state their views…I ask Mr Speaker, what are these views of the zambian people today

  • First, is it true that the Zambians believe mealie meal prices are over 50% higher today than just two years ago?
  • Is it true that Zambians believe fuel is too expensive today than two years ago when there was a national common price?
  • Is it true that Zambians believe the removal of subsidies was not meant to help their livelihood but for the PF to raise more money for their budget overrun..simply as a result of unplanned expenditure such as creation of new districts and the constitution consultation process country wide?
  • Is it true Zambians believe that the PF is more corrupt than any other government..that Zambians believe the PF is the most untrusted government since independence.
  • Is it not true that Zambians are unhappy with the borrowing tenacity of the PF and never want to return to pre 1991 when our debt was 7billion dollars?
  • That the PF cheated it’s way into government promising more money, lower taxes, windfall taxes and most of all a new constitution in 90 days?.
  • Is it not true that these are the issues the Zambians who are assembled here through their representatives are talking about in buses, the streets, bars, at weddings, funerals, in offices etc?
  • The real question Mr Speakers is, who is against the Zambians assembled in this house….
  • In a very loud voice the Zambians have made it clear that they want a NEW CONSTITUTION …..not for the sake of it but to address fundamental flaws in the current constitution particularly on the following…

Zambians want to deal with this matter by ensuring never again should we be governed by a minority government but a government for the people by the people of the people


Firstly, Zambians believe that since 1991 after the return to multiple party politics, there was never the same corresponding reduction in presidential powers to support the harmonious dispensation of democracy in Zambia…successive administrations always proved selfish and never saw through the peoples wishes…the Mvunga, Mwanakatwe and even the NCC attempts were derailed by either administrations in power or the opposition settling scores with each other….but the real losers where Zambians who have been waiting for presidential powers that match our democratic desires…this would ensure autonomy of the Judiciary, freedom of the Press and most of all guarantee over sight by the Parliament..

Secondly, Zambians have made it clear that they prefer some sort of parliamentary system which provides oversight to the Executive…Zambians entrust the speaker and the MPs to always be on their side and not add more powers to the Executive and a President who already has too much power..

In the last 20 years of the return to multiple party politics, Zambians have expected that this house, where they are assembled through their representatives, that there will be men and women of integrity, of honour, men and women whose education will show that they indeed learnt the power of free thinking in school and are just not educated as job seekers, that the peoples representatives in this house are men and women who will rise above political parties and represent citizens in their democratic right to ask for a new constitution. Zambians believe that this house, the national assembly, especially on the PF back bench, that there are men and women who are brave enough to rise to the occasion and stand with Zambians on a very matter they were sent to this house for, that is to make laws..Mr Speaker, which law is more supreme than the constitution. Any MP Mr Speaker refusing to push for a road map will be abrogating the privilege bestowed upon them by Zambians…..let’s not flip flop when we promised Zambians a new constitution in 90s…let’s not flip flop Mr Speaker…

Thirdly, the other reason why zambians want a new constitution and made it clear during the provincial consultations is the need for 50 plus one in a general election….visionary Zambians, decent Zambians, Zambians, the owners of our country are concerned about the ugly head of tribalism and regionalism which has been threatening our country since independence. This is a jubilee year,,,let’s put things right…with 73 languages 10 provinces, and many political parties, tribalism ugly head has come up again..Zambians want to deal with this matter by ensuring never again should we be governed by a minority government but a government for the people by the people of the people..that means 50 plus one. The Zambians are saying that it’s their parliament Mr Speaker, let’s listen to them.

Today, we are assembled on behalf of all Zambians asking that the government provides a clear road map on the adoption of a new constitution.

Mr Speaker, this motion is not about the opposition, or against the executive or the PF, it’s not even about whether the President is competent or not, it’s about the future of our country, it’s about the wishes of the Zambians people…the time has come for change, real change in our country….in the way we think and do things…after all its a jubilee year and with 50 comes maturity…at least we hope so.

Those who promised a new constitution in 90 days will be judged harshly by posterity if they do not keep their word for a change.

But the past is gone, we have yet another opportunity to put things right, to provide the people of Zambia with a road map, after huge taxes have already been spent on the constitution process. On the eve of our youth day in this jubilee year, let us all focus on real change….we will see those that are against the children, the youth, women and men of Zambia by their words and actions.

But as for the majority of us, Mr Speaker, once again let’s not flipflop.

Dora Siliya
11 March 2014

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