By Sabina Elago


WINDHOEK- “The wining code: How To Become A Winner In The Game Of Life,” book by Jimmy Roos has been officially launched.

The book is a culmination of a lifelong study of those who succeeded in life, those who don’t make it and a coupled with his own personal experiences on life.  Roos believe this book will be lives-changing as it tell the game of life. “I have discovered that life is actually a game, and just like any other game it has rules and laws governing it.  The winners of this world have discovered the rules and are using it to their advantage, while those who struggle in life still haven’t discovered the rules. They see life as random and unfair. This book shows people how life actually works,” says Roos.

In this book those who struggle will recognise themselves as they read about the differences between themselves and those who win, and the exact steps they can take to transform themselves into winners. “I wish I had a book like this when I was still struggling in life. It would have cut my learning curve by a few years and helped me to succeed faster,” he says.

Roos adds that the book gives not only the basic fundamentals but shows how to apply it. “I am happy to finally be done with this book. It was a long time coming,” says he. The book will be available at the Book Den soon.


Source: New Era