Listen to the People or Risk Being Irrelevant In the Future-General Malimba Masheke.

Time Posted: March 15, 2014 2:15 pm

Former Prime Minister Malimba Masheke

Former Prime Minister Malimba Masheke

Former Prime Minister Malimba Masheke

Former United National Independence Party UNIP General Secretary General Malimba Masheke has advised the ruling Patriotic Front government to listen to the people or risk being irrelevant in the future.

Speaking in an interview in Lusaka Gen. Masheke urged the PF to listen to people’s demands while they are still talking peacefully because continuing to ignore their demands might force them to take action against the government some he says which would bring anarchy to the country.

“When people are still talking in peace is when they should be able to capture them, they should not allow the situation to worsen into anarchy because when people are demanding for something and then as a government you fail to do so, to see the light you might be excluded in the future”.

” Time will come when people will stop listening to the government and want to do it their way and that will be anarchy but from anarchy they will form their own government”. He cautioned.

He called on the PF government to take the opportunity and dialogue with the public as they risk being irrelevant in the feature if they continue to disregard people’s demands as well as fail to engage in dialogue.

He feather reminds the PF that they are not the first people to govern the country and that they will not be the last ones do so hence the need for them to listen to people.