Lubinda Fires at M’membe, “You’re Not Omnipotent”

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Sep 1st, 2014

Given-Lubinda-greeted-by-supporters-pfKabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda says Post Newspapers editor Fred M’membe is pushing his weight too far in protecting the fallen Wynter Kabimba.

The former Foreign Affairs Minister also said it was wrong for M’membe to think that he was omnipotent and possessed all wisdom over Zambians.

Lubinda said M’membe seemed to believe that he was the only Zambian with an opinion on others but warned that the hitherto chief PF propagandist will be proved wrong on his misguided support of Kabimba.

Since the once all power PF Secretary General was fired last week, the country has been in a festive mood with only M’membe coming to the aid of Kabimba through editorials that only him seems to believe.

M’membe, who had been propping Kabimba as a front for his presidential ambitions, is still reeling from the shock of seeing his ambitions of installing his friend as possible successor to President Michael Sata go up in flames.

While Zambians have been celebrating, including in M’membe’s own newsroom, the self styled moralist has put up a vain defence of Kabimba while vilifying everyone who is in celebratory mood at the dismissal.

“I think that Fred is pushing his weight far too far. I would like to appeal to him, he is my friend; in the protection of his friend he must be careful not to injure others,” Lubinda said.

“Let him say all the good things about Wynter but he must not say bad things about others either directly or by conjecture.”

He said M’membe was all too happy to print slanderous materials against him but seemed to have pulled all the stops to protect Kabimba.

“There is no one person who is indispensable and I would like to appeal to Fred, Fred is my friend, he has been my friend for many years. When Fred was carrying letters written against Wynter he did not say that about me, that is his preference I have no quarrels,” he said.

He said M’membe will be proved wrong in his individual
Kabimba support.

“But I am sure that within no time Fred M’membe will be proven wrong, who doesn’t know that Wynter Kabimba is the one who caused my dismissal? Who doesn’t know that Wynter Kabimba is the one who created animosity between GBM and the party? Who doesn’t know that Wynter Kabimba was the one who was fighting people in the party and now that things have happened to Wynter Kabimba, Fred M’membe wants to say that people were fighting Wynter and now they are tribalists and corrupt people,” he said.

“Fred must also be a little charitable to others, Fred must not think that he is the omnipotent that he is the one who has the right opinion over others and other people have opinion of things that is not fair Fred.”

Lubinda added: “We know Wynter is your friend, but don’t make all of us look like we are corrupt and only Wynter is incorruptible. I mean there are people like me, I have never been called by the anti corruption commission never, Wynter Kabimba has been a subject of investigation by the Anti Corruption Commission how can Fred today say that Wynter is beyond reproach, I think that Fred is pushing his weight far too far.”

Kabimba was fired last week sparking celebrations across the country with PF cadres taking to the street on Friday to register their approval and also made a stopover at The Post Newspapers where an agitated M’membe had to fire three gunshots in the air to disperse them.

M’membe has labeled the PF members that have long advocated Kabimba’s dismissal as tribalists and corrupt.

Kabimba may have to face up investigators over the oil deal where he was initially interviewed by the Anti Corruption Commission while M’membe who is caught up in the K14 billion debt owed to the Development Bank of Zambia is desperate to install a President who will save him from repaying the public debt which has by now accumulated massive interests.

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