In a series of attacks on Monday and Tuesday on citizens in Kutum locality, North Darfur, militiamen killed a man, injured two others, assaulted passengers of five lorries, and raped seven of them.   

“Government-backed militiamen shot dead a citizen known by the nickname of Ishkal in his home in Kutum town on Monday,” a resident of Kutum reported to Radio Dabanga.

He added that on Tuesday gunmen attacked a boarding house for students in Kutum’s El Taghyeer district. “They beat the students, and broke Mohamed Tibin Abdallah’s leg. They then robbed the students of their mobile phones and money, stole food from the boarding house, and fled.”

The source said that the same militiamen on Tuesday ambushed five lorries en route from Kutum town to the village of Dor, in the area of Abdel Shakur.

“The Janjaweed beat all the passengers. Amani Mohamed was seriously injured.  They then gang raped seven women, seized all the luggage and goods from the vehicles, and fled.”

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